About the Eggs

Why eggs?  Well, we don’t want to give it all away but we think the egg analogy is pretty adapt for philanthropy. This blog won’t be about eggs, rather it will be about the different forms of and approaches to philanthropy in an Australian context.  We’ll also be examining the things that impact on how we as a community give and what motivates our Australian philanthropic spirit.

It is our intention that this site is a place where people with an interest in the things that make philanthropy tick in Australia can come together to share thoughts and experiences.  We know philanthropy and grantmaking can be a dry topic, so we’ll be injecting our personality into the issues we’re going to be discussing.

So welcome to our blog, we’d welcome your feedback, thoughts and contributions.

Let me introduce the eggs:

Caitriona Fay

Hello. Of the three eggs who will be regular contributors to this site you should know that I am neither the funniest nor smartest. I’m constantly in awe of my two fellow eggs.  Alphabetically speaking however both my surname and first name rule supreme so I get to go first on this list.

I’ve spent the better part of this millennium working in grantmaking.  I learned the trade in the UK at the Heritage Lottery Fund where I also happened to meet fellow philanthropy egg head Claire Rimmer.

Since my return to Australia in 2006 I’ve been privileged to work in the magical world of philanthropy in Melbourne.  I say privileged because that’s how I feel in my job most days.  I get to meet amazing people doing amazing things every day.  My job rocks. I’m looking forward to meeting more amazing people via this blog.

You can follow me on twitter @cat_fay

Claire Rimmer

I didn’t realise we eggs were going to be numbered.  It appears I have the dubious honour of being number 2, but since it’s purely alphabetical I guess it’s ok!

As Caitriona said, we first crossed paths in 2004 in the UK when I was her underling at the Heritage Lottery Fund.  She could probably lay claim to having taught me pretty much everything I know.  Maybe she does?!  So, yes, I’m from the UK and I know I’ll have to try very hard not to adopt the oh-so-sensible, (probably very British) writing style I’m most familiar with and become a counter-intuitively casual and chatty writer/blogger.  You can take the girl out of the UK…

I arrived in Oz in October 2008 and following some lining up of ducks in the UK, I was able to take up a Program Manager role at one of Australia’s leading private philanthropics five days after I landed in Melbourne.  I was only expecting to stay here a year, but two and a half years later I’m still in the same job and loving its challenges and rewards.  As the others have said, we are privileged to do what we do for living.  It’s safe to say that the job, and Australia, have very much got under my skin!

I’m looking forward to blogging with the other tw’eggs (I’m from the North of England, we like to conflate words).  They make me smile, and they make me think.  I’m also really looking forward to being part of a broader conversation about philanthropy.

You can follow me and my growing use of twitter @ClaireMRimmer

Debra Morgan

If Egg 1 is neither the funniest nor smartest, Egg 2 must be blessed. Like Egg 1, I adore the intellect and humour of my fellow eggs. And again, I concur with Egg 1, we are absolutely privileged to work in these incredible organisations.

I’ve been a Program Manager at The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund for over four years. Both the Foundation and Fund continue the philanthropic legacy of Sidney Myer and the succeeding generations of the Myer family. Every day I count my lucky stars that I get to work with such a great group of people in a sector that can literally change the world.

Much of my career has been in the arts sector, holding management positions at Melbourne Chorale and prior to that, undertaking a fellowship with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. My undergrad and postgraduate studies have also been in the arts, with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Management (Arts and Cultural Management) from the University of South Australia.

You can follow my sporadic and mostly inane tweets @debmorgan22


3 Comments on “About the Eggs”

  1. Lucy Casot says:

    Very much enjoying your thought provoking postings, having had the enormous pleasure of working with two of you eggs in the way back when. Looking forward to following more of your musings from afar!

    • Thanks Lucy! We’re very glad to have you as a follower!! Feel free to contribute your thoughts and comments – be great to bring an international dimension to proceedings!

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