It’s Follow Friday (#ff)!

Happy Follow Friday! Don’t know what Follow Friday is?  Well, it’s Twitter speak for these people are worth listening to.  Every Friday, tweeps (slang for people who use Twitter) share the list of people they think are worth following by using the hash tag #ff.

If you’re in the philanthropy game and are wondering why you’d even bother getting into Twitter, it’s worth checking out Lucy Bernholz’s (@p2173) blog Why Would A Foundation Tweet. Her advice is pretty simple, Twitter is a great listening tool.  When you start to get your Twitter legs you’ll begin to find it’s a great way to network, connect, share and talk with an incredibly diverse (and impressive) group of people.

So here’s a #ff list for those new to Twitter and for those interested in philanthropy

Influential Philanthropy Tweeps

#1 @Philanthropy – The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a must follow and considered one of the most ‘influential’ (there is a way of measuring that) philanthropy tweeps in the twitterverse

#2 @Kanter – Beth Kanter is the doyenne of all things social media and nonprofit

#3 @p2173 – Lucy Bernholz is fab, follow her on Twitter and follow her blog

#4 @phijo – The Philanthropy Journal online is a great source of nonprofit and philanthropy news

#5 @Newphilanthropy – From the best of the US to the best of the UK, I really enjoy the work of New Philanthropy Capital

#6 @Alliancemag – it’s the leading global magazine on philanthropy and social investment and definitely one to follow on Twitter

#7 @philaction – Another great news source for international philanthropy

#8 @tactphil – best way to follow Sean Stannard-Stockton, the man behind Tactical Philanthropy Advisors

#9 @philanthropy411 – Great philanthropy blog and if you follow this link you’ll find a some great resources on who else to follow on Twitter from philanthropy

#10 @fndcentre – The Foundation Centre, I absolutely love the work of this group, supporting trusts and foundations since the 1950’s, they are a great source of information, thinking and strategies for people who give.

There’s a significant international philanthropic presence on Twitter and there has been for a good couple of years now. Nonprofit organisations are embracing social media in Australia and while philanthropy has been a little slower, its fair to say the Aussie philanthropy contingent has been growing rapidly over the past 12 months.

So let’s get started on a list of the Aussie philanthropy tweeps we all should be following, connecting with, talking with and listen to.  I’ll kick us off, but I’d love to hear from, and of, those Aussie philanthrocrats who are tweeting their stuff
























And of course there’s the contributors of this site @ClaireMRmmer, @3Eggphil, @Debmorgan22 and me, @cat_fay. Share with us the tweeps you know that are talking about philanthropy on Twitter by leaving a comment. It will make the beginnings of a great resource.

Keep in mind that the above list is just those people who do a lot of talking on the why’s and how’s of philanthropy in Australia. Not included in that list are the wonderful nonprofits many philanthropics support across Australia.  Twitter is a wonderful tool for staying connected to those organisations.

If you still need to be convinced about social media and it’s value then watch the following 2min video:

So if you’re now convinced that it’s time to set up your Twitter account, check out this great infographic from @Partyaficionado.

I look forward to seeing you out in the twitterverse.